Distribution of packaging

Le Maître Emballage Durable distributes packaging products in glass, plastic, aluminum, as well as cardboard boxes (for beer, wine or other bottles) according to your needs and specifications.

We are distributors of more than twenty of the best manufacturers internationally and offer various styles and formats for all types of products such as bottles, jars, jars and caps.

Our distribution service includes the most ecological expertise and strategies on the market!




Washing of refillable bottles

Washing refillable bottles is our specialty at LMED.

We are the only washer dedicated to all producers.

Whether for the microbrewery, distillery, wine or cider industry, you will find the expertise and skills that have made our reputation since 2016.

We can also take care of your particular and special projects, whether for a single production or for recurring washes.



Do you buy bulk bottles from us but prefer them in boxes?

At LMED, we offer the possibility of putting your bottles, new or washed, in boxes.

We have boxes for all formats with or without dividers.



Sorting and decontamination

Do you have shipments of bottles of multiple sizes to clean?

We can sort your bottles either to eliminate unwanted formats or to palletize according to different formats.

Have your pallets been stored in an inappropriate place and smells, dust or insects have become encrusted?

We can also decontaminate your fleet of bottles!


Packaging projects

Do you have specific projects?

Eco-friendly ideas that relate to sustainability or recycling?

Whether it is by inserting your logo on bottles or caps, or for the management of returnable products, we have the expertise to complete your project, through collaboration or our service.